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cloudaccounting2Many functions in life are now carried out online, offering convenience and information day or night.

Take cloud-based accounting – a system allowing Barringtons clients access to their accounts on PCs and other devices anywhere in the world.

As a Silver Partner in Xero, the global leader in cloud accounting software, we have bags of experience in supporting online bookkeeping and financial management.

It can help simplify your accounting processes and save you time. No more messy receipts or filing.

Cloud Accounting Manager Emma Fergusson said: “Keeping receipts is often the bane of a business owner’s life. Now if you are out and about, you don’t need to worry about saving receipts. Filling up with fuel, for example, simply take a picture of the receipt, send to us and then throw it away.

“Everything can be fed into the system, including bank transactions. We access the information and prepare the accounts.

“Clients find a major benefit lies in the interaction with us. Information can be fast-tracked to us in real time, cutting down on admin and all the bother of paperwork. Perfect for SMEs and anyone needing time to grow their business.”

Not so computer savvy? Phone for a jargon-free low-down on cloud-based accounting and see how it can work for you.

Call Emma at our Newcastle office on 01782 713700 or email ef@barringtons.co.uk