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Welcome all to the Barringtons Christmas e-newsletter!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Good news for some. For others it can be a frantic time of preparing tax returns to meet the January deadline and avoid hefty penalties.

Needless to say Barringtons is here to help everyone in business from the start-up to long-established business keep more cash in their pocket.

Talking tax avoidance, that continues to cause anxiety for high-earners. So let’s get this straight. Finding ways to avoid paying too much tax LEGALLY is every individual’s right. Yet draconian measures introduced to clamp-down on ‘tax avoidance’ are treating it in the same way as tax evasion, a completely different thing and totally illegal, and have muddied the waters and made it a moral issue.

Again we’re here to help you find perfectly legal ways to mitigate your tax bill by devising a Tax Avoidance Strategy that keeps you quids in – and on the right side of the law.

Of course no Christmas would be the same without an autumn budget to digest. But has the Chancellor played Santa or Scrooge?

There’s no doubt the stamp duty reforms will be festive music to the ears of home-owners.

A package to boost bank lending to small and medium-sized businesses and a freeze on fuel duty were Christmas crowd-pleasers as was the decision to axe National Insurance for young apprentices.

On all these issues Barringtons has a specialist who can help unravel complex jargon and tell you in simple terms how these measures will affect you as an individual or impact your business.

Meanwhile as I ponder my next mince pie, we must welcome measures to help children with eating disorders and the billions of extra in investment in the country’s road network. We can already see this with a £10m scheme to improve M6 Junction 16 and widen the A500 now underway.

But if population numbers continue to explode, here’s something that has to be said. Simple mathematics tell us the country is creaking at the seams. Plans to axe unemployment benefit for migrants who remain jobless, steers us in the right direction, if it actually happens, but needs further acceleration.

So the £55m Red Planet research project, announced in the autumn statement, set me thinking about a world less over-crowded. Who knows, exploration of Mars could be the answer – the thought certainly left me starry-eyed!

For now it’s a Merry Christmas from all of us on planet Earth at Barringtons.

Enjoy your break and all our very best for the New Year.

(PS For a full summary of the Autumn Statement visit www.hm-treasury.gov.uk