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If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it…

Are you managing your business or immersed in it??

As you may be aware the government have rescheduled ‘Making Tax Digital’ but that shouldn’t mean a huge sigh of relief followed by inertia!!!

It does mean that you will have more time to prepare and those that begin now will start to benefit from:

1. increased efficiencies
2. better financial reporting
3. more financial control

In turn that should equate to:

increased profits → increased investment → increased revenue → job security → happy staff

What’s not to like???

Fundamentally, there are 3 types of business people:

• Inactive - no future here.
• Reactive - join the club!
• Proactive - move ahead of your competitors!

It pays to be proactive! If you combine strong financial control and proactivity with innovation, you will have a powerful cocktail that will assist you in managing a successful business.

If you want to be ‘ahead of the game’ and would like help in embracing the ‘digital revolution’, revising the way you measure success within your business and improving your financial reporting then give us call on t. 0800 019 1744 and let Barringtons help you draw up a plan for sustainable growth.

Author: Des Machin
Date: 27/07/2017