Spring 2013 Newsletter

Computer-whizz Chris carries off our top employee award

Happy clients and a happy workplace – Barringtons goes the extra mile to promote both.

And to support that we have introduced an Employee of the Year award. First to receive it was our IT Systems Manager Chris Johnson after a vote by colleagues.

After six years working with Barringtons at our Newcastle headquarters, Chris has earned a reputation for sorting out computer issues in a speedy and straight-forward manner.

MD Phil Wood said: "Chris has played a big role in updating all our systems and is always on hand to offer support. His jargon-free approach to new technology has helped us all get to grips with new software and packages that enhance our services to clients."

And with more than 80 computers in the Newcastle office alone, Chris, who previously worked in IT at the Sentinel newspaper, has his work cut out.

One of his latest projects was to support the development of Barringtons' new-look website.

Chris was handed his plaque at a presentation ceremony with colleagues and is looking forward to a luxury villa holiday in Cyprus as part of his reward.

Employee of the Year Chris Johnson with managing director Phil Wood

Sci-fi fan is 'sew' good to hospice

Dr Who fanatic James Nicholls, who works in our Newcastle office, has been hitting local headlines with his intergalactic challenge.

James has been knitting Tom Baker-style scarves and watching a mountain of old episodes to help raise cash for the Douglas Macmillan Hospice.

The 28 year-old took up knitting to relax while studying for his accountancy qualification and has sold the long, colourful scarves on the internet for £50.

After passing with flying colours he is being sponsored by colleagues to watch 900 episodes – a total of 422 hours – of the Time Lord's space travels.

He said: "Colleagues are really committed to supporting the hospice and are always coming up with wacky ideas to raise funds. When they heard I knit scarves they suggested I did it for the hospice while sponsoring me to watch my entire collection of DVDs in 900 days.

"I'm just over half way through and have reached 1978 with Tom Baker as the Doctor so there's quite a way to go yet but so far I have not missed a day."

The 'Who-vian' hopes to raise hundreds of pounds for the hospice and add to the funds already raised by colleagues who stage dress down Fridays and regular whip-rounds.

To donate, visit James' Just Giving page: http://www.justgiving.com/James-Nicholls2

Accountant James Nicholls has undertaken a Dr Who fundraising marathon for our local Dougie Mac hospice

Going the extra mile to support our local hospice

Barringtons is a big supporter of the Douglas Macmillan Hospice – and colleagues are a pretty ingenious bunch when it comes to staging fundraising events.

Walking, running, cycling, climbing mountains and even sky-diving is all in a day's work for the team who enjoy a challenge.

So when they heard the hospice shop at Biddulph had been raided, they sprang into action with a major collection to help replace its stock with donated goods from their homes.

Within a couple of days, a mountain of clothes, shoes, books, toys, toiletries, DVDs and CDs had been collected.

MD Phil Wood, a member of the hospice Ruby Ball organising committee, said: "To steal from a shop raising money for the care of hospice patients is probably the worst form of theft. It left us all feeling quite disgusted but geared up to do what we could."

The 'Dougie Mac' at Trentham is one of our chosen charities and to support it we have become a collection point for its 'Bag It, Bin It' campaign at our Newcastle office.

Hospice fundraiser Suzi Smith said: "Barringtons has always been a big supporter of the hospice and can be relied on to go the extra mile."

The hospice marks its 40th anniversary this year and the Ruby Ball committee is planning a major event at Keele Hall on October 4 to mark the milestone.

A charity auction will include a vast range of lots including a holiday in a luxury Cypriot villa, donated by Barringtons.

Vicky Holdway and Jo Lovatt with a range of the donated goods including clothes, bags, shoes and books as well as CDs, DVDs, cuddly toys and ornaments

Barringtons' MD takes over reins of historic club

Phil Wood has taken over at the helm of the Hanley Association for the Prosecution of Felons.

A prominent local businessman and President of the North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, Phil was installed as the organisations 221st President at its annual dinner.

More than 100 members of the historic social club gathered for the event at the Best Western Moat House, Festival Park.

He said: "Before we had a police force victims of crime had to pay all the costs of bringing a felon to justice so communities set up societies for the Prosecution of Felons. Each member paid a subscription so the society could act on behalf of victims and bring criminals to justice.

"Although it no longer has that role, the Association still stands for honesty in life and business and I am honoured to become its local President."

Most Felons Associations were founded between 1780s and 1820s with members drawn from the farming community and trade.

Mr Wood succeeds Graham Neyt, an equity partner at Beswicks Solicitors in Hanley.

Solicitor Graham Neyt welcomes Phil Wood to the role of President of Hanley Association for the Prosecution of Felons

Goalie Chris nets his qualifications

Barringtons takes pride in being the launch-pad for many successful careers in accountancy.

Chris McEnaney is one of our latest recruits to pass his 14-stage accountancy exams with flying colours.

The 29 year-old, who manages a Middlewich football team, is now looking after a range of clients from sole traders to large limited companies from our Nantwich office.

Chris, who plays in goal, said: "Accountancy comes in very handy as manager of a team. Keeping a keen eye on the match fees and budget ensures the future of the side."

The team, AFC Artois, plays regular matches for the charity DEBRA which raises money for people with a genetic skin blistering disorder and has a shop in Sandbach.

Safe hands: Goalie Chris McEnaney is celebrating gaining his accountancy qualifications


As you will be aware HMRC have introduced a new system of payroll reporting. This is called Real Time Information (RTI) and has been introduced to improve the operation of PAYE and support the introduction of Universal Credits. RTI will affect the frequency at which you as Employers have to submit information to HMRC. This is designed to enable HMRC to react more quickly to changes in Employee circumstances and hopefully will therefore reduce the number of under &/or overpayments of tax by employees. It will also help deal with non-compliance, help cut back on fraud and reduce your Year End work as most of it will now be done during the year.

RTI requires Employers to make submissions of Employee payments and deductions EACH time a payment is made to an employee. Most Employers are now required to be submitting data under RTI from April 2013. Unless you have been advised that you do not need to submit RTI returns, you should by now have submitted your first RTI Returns.

So what should you have done by now?

  • You need to ensure all your Employee’s Personal details are complete and up to date – full names, DOB, NINO & Addresses are mandatory information to be supplied. So check with your Employees the data you hold is correct – submissions can fail if records are incomplete. Then submit an Employer Alignment Summary (EAS) which tells HMRC who your Employees are. (If you use Basic PAYE Tools you do not have to do this.)
  • After you have processed your payroll, whether it is weekly or monthly you must submit a Full Payment Summary (FPS) either on or before the pay date. Once this has been submitted no alterations can be made to the payroll other than to add a new Employee who you want to pay. Any adjustments need to be made in the next pay period
  • If you have paid SSP/SMP/SPP/SAP and recovered it then you must send an Employer Payment Summary (EPS) which advises HMRC why your payment will be less than the totals of the FPS
  • The FPS should be received by 5th of the Month following and the EPS must be received by 19th of the month following
  • Payments still need to be made by 19th of the month following. As HMRC will now know exactly what is due they are likely to be chasing for outstanding amounts and reminder letters will be issued. Although HMRC have said no penalties will be issued as such for late submissions of RTI Reports they are following up on them if they are missed and questioning why
  • These returns must be made on line using either commercial software or HMRC Basic PAYE Tools RTI ready version. Paper copies are no longer acceptable for any returns

So if this all sounds a little daunting or you realised you have not yet done anything then get in touch and we will help you sort things out.

Contact Sue, Client Payroll Manager either on my direct line 01782 381724 or email me at smh@barringtons.co.uk