Tax Saving Roadshow

Learn 10 cutting edge tax saving strategies over breakfast

Join one of our free Tax Saving Seminars from 8am - 10am:

  • Wednesday September 20th at The Moat House, Acton Trussell, Stafford, ST17 0RJ
  • Thursday October 19th at Wychwood Park, Weston, Crewe, CW2 5GP
  • Tuesday November 14th at Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, Telford, TF3 3BA

Our two speakers, Andy Bridge and Rachel Brian will be discussing:

10 FREE Tax Strategies to strengthen your cashflow & improve your profitability

Turn ‘Making Tax Digital’ into a business opportunity

✓ Understanding Cloud Accounting and how it can release more of your valuable time

~ We all pay tax! But hidden in the tax we pay, is tax that we don’t need to pay!

The only way to tell the difference is by getting advice from your accountant.

The problem is, most accountants aren’t proactive. However, Barringtons are hosting these seminars to share with you 10 Tax Saving Strategies.

~ As you may be aware the government have rescheduled ‘Making Tax Digital’ but that shouldn’t mean a huge sigh of relief followed by inertia!!!

It does mean that you will have more time to prepare and those that begin now will start to benefit from:

  • increased efficiencies
  • better financial reporting
  • more financial control

In turn that should equate to:

increased profits → increased investment → increased revenue → job security → happy staff

What’s not to like???

~ Learn how relatively small changes to your business systems can bring huge benefits to your business.

Andy Bridge & Rachel Brian from Barringtons Chartered Accountants will guide delegates through ‘10 Tax Saving Strategies’, ‘how to turn proposed tax legislation’ into a business opportunity and how ‘Cloud Accounting’ can help you revise your business systems’. The speakers will examine the opportunities such changes will bring for businesses and identify a number of solutions to support the transition.

For further information please contact Des e: or t. 0800 019 1744