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Damien Ball

Client Services Manager

Damien began life in accountancy with J Paterson Brodie, Burslem office in 1973, where he was involved in accounts production and audits. He moved, to what was later to become Barringtons Limited, in February 1978, a month after he married Clare and had moved to live in Longton. The move was to enable him to progress to a more active and direct involvement with clients, which necessarily meant that he had to improve his tax knowledge, which, at the time, was through the Chartered Accountancy examinations. He has always loved the contact with clients and counts many of them as good friends, some that he has known for many years. He enjoys meeting new clients and makes every effort to ensure they have an efficient and cost-effective relationship with Barringtons.

In his spare time, Damien enjoys spending time with his wife, three sons, daughter-in-law and granddaughter; travelling, particularly in France; reading; calligraphy; music of all genres; puzzles; cycling; singing in the church choir, and his involvement as a minister of Holy Communion at St Gregory’s R C church in Longton.

To contact Damien please email dwb@barringtons.co.uk or call him on 01782 713700